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In Ottawa from 8 to 13 April 2013 we had a Sprint for Plug&Play Architecture Project. People from Australia, Canada, Eurostat, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, UNECE and United Kingdom met together to start defining a “common statistical production architecture for the world’s official statistical industry” as stated by High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Statistical Production and Services.

The objective of the sprint session was to ensure agreement on key principles regarding the architectural blueprint to build an interoperable statistical industry platform. Here I just want to show you which tools has been used in the Sprint.

tools1tools2Paper, a lot of paper – we wrote a lot on sheets, flip charts, post-it of any color and any shape. Paper was used to explain, show, collect, store, group, correct, debate ideas.


White-boards – we used many dashboards writing there with markers of any type – often we used cameras/mobiles to get a picture of what written to be able to dump later the concepts on digital files (we would love smart boards like this)


Wiki – in the UNECE wiki we inserted documents, presentations, images, discussion, glossary and we all participated in modifying them – the wiki has been confirmed to be an essential tool for every experience of collaborative writing


Mind Maps – often we used Mind Maps to trace brainstorming and discussions: mind maps has proved to be the best ways to avoid losing and to summarize what has been said in lengthy discussions – we used a powerful opensource free tool: freemind

tools7Presentations – and “presentations” software was used not only to prepare slides to be presented, but also to draw schemata and to reason about them. With the usage of notes and colors, presentation software has then been used as a kind of digital dashboard.

tools8Lego bricks – every participants received by our wonderful facilitators three Lego bricks of different colors: blue, yellow and red. We had to raise them to indicate respectively: “I want to speak” “Off topic” “Too much detail”. A very simple way to force participants to follow rules for an effective exchange of views.

tools9Sweeties – each participant has brought from his country of origin sweets to share with partners. Biscuits, chocolates, sweets of all kinds have been the fuel to provide energy to tired brains.


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