sharing advisory board – newsletter #4

the sharing advisory board, reporting to the conference of european statisticians, has the mission to influence international work on the convergence of statistical business architectures, to promote the sharing and joint development of software tools and components amongst national and international statistical organizations

sab manages a statistical software inventory in which you can find many tools categorized following phases and sub-processes of the gsbpm standard

in the newsletter #4 the following articles are presented:

  • editorial (will statistician be the sexy job in the next ten years?) by marton vucsan (statistics netherlands)
  • building bilingual applications at  statcan (karen doherty, statistics canada)
  • “r” in the statistical office  (valentin todorov, unido)
  • sharing software in other fields (carlo vaccari, istat – unicam)
  • ntts 2011  (miroslav hudec, infostat)
  • cooperation models for software development (valentin todorov, unido)
  • statistics canada’s generalized  systems suite (karen doherty, statistics canada)
  • are we becoming dinosaurs?  (jean-pierre kent, statistics netherlands)

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